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If you have hair or scalp obstacles you've been trying to overcome you're in the right place!

We carry a pharmaceutical grade treatment line to treat any scalp and/or hair issue

you may be having.

What We

Nourishing Treatment

Hydrating and restructuring treatment. This treatment best suits you if you are struggling with dry or damaged scalp and/or hair. 

Calming Treatment 

Our calming treatment is geared towards those with sensitive skin. This treatment prevents inflammation and soothes the scalp. It feels amazing after a color service if you are prone to itching or redness. 

Purifying Treatment 

We use antiseptic products for treating both dry and greasy types of dandruff. 

Replumping Treatment 

This treatment works great for thin or fragile hair. This innovative formula brings results of hydration, elasticity, and plumpness to the hair cuticle.   

Energizing Treatment 

The Energizing Treatment is enriched with a Hair Energy Complex to combat hair loss, hair thinning, or fragile hair. This is super beneficial if you are experiencing postpartum hair loss, a high stress season, alopecia, or any hair loss for that matter.

Detox Treatment 

Needing a good hair and scalp detox? This one's for you! The products used deeply cleanse the scalp while resurfacing your hairs natural shine and protecting it from the aggression of free radicals.

Renewing Treatment 

This treatment is for all around hair and scalp wellness. It nourishes, moisturizes, and stimulates making the hair fiber healthy. This will create firm and shiny hair without weighing it down. 

Rebalancing Treatment 

Level out your oily or greasy scalp with our rebalancing treatment. It's soothing, purifying, and sebum regulating. 

But wait!

What if you're having multiple obstacles? 

We see you and we got you! We can also create a custom treatment specific to your multiple needs. 

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Are you ready to try one of our treatment services?

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